Spring in March, Chau Ming Technology invited you to see security "artifact"

Date: 2016-06-23

 Mobile phone remote home, UAV can be chased, human face lock, high-definition small distance without blind spots, no dead angle monitoring ... ... a wave of high-tech security "artifact" is to us!

March 22-24, 2016 (15th) Nanjing Security Exhibition opened at the Nanjing International Expo Center. As the key event of the security industry in East China, the exhibition brought together more than 300 well-known security vendors and distribution agents from nearly 20 provinces and cities in China. It focused on video surveillance, burglar alarm, import and export control, parking system , Intelligent transportation, intelligent buildings, smart home and other areas of the latest products and cutting-edge technology.

Spring in March, Chau Ming Technology invited you to see security

In recent years, with the mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, intelligent technology application development, and "civil security" to promote the development trend of traditional security has also undergone great changes in the past only in the industry market applications turned to the civilian market , And is to "intelligent, network, convenient, intelligent, practical" direction to move forward. Large-screen stitching products as the mainstream of the security system display terminal, in order to meet the development needs of the new era of security industry, but also continue to digital high-definition, ultra-intelligent, digital network and remote intelligent development.

This exhibition Shouming Technology 16: 9 marked resolution small pitch LED products Upanel1.5 site built 2K standard resolution TV wall, it is available for intelligent security control platform of high-definition small pitch stitching products. Its special is:

First, the massive signal real-time access and large screen HD display. 16: 9 standard resolution display screen, support multiple signals, complex signal system access and control display, can guarantee security large amount of information, high data flow and multi-channel monitoring flexible and convenient, accurate and delicate display in small pitch LED large screen On, in order to achieve information sharing.

Second, intelligent control and management. In a software interface, to achieve all the RGB, video, network computers, ultra-high resolution images and other signal sources, and display, multi-screen processors, power systems and other core equipment, centralized control and management; Matrix, the central control system and other peripheral equipment seamless access, pre-monitoring and IPAD and other control and management functions.

Spring in March, Chau Ming Technology invited you to see security

Low brightness, high noise reduction, low refresh rate, low noise, low noise, low heat dissipation, power supply dual backup and other characteristics, but also to meet the security market for system stability and viewing comfort and other requirements.

In addition, the new technology can bring a new generation of ultra-thin ultra-high-end advertising screen halo S8 also received a high degree of attention to the audience. The screen used in the outdoor with ultra-thin, high brightness, wide viewing angle, high degree of protection, easy maintenance before and after hand and other advantages, compared to conventional advertising screen energy saving 30%, saving more than 30% of project costs. But also to achieve remote intelligent management and control, real-time advertising and monitoring of the display running status.

Nanjing Security Exhibition is open to the public free of charge. Warmly welcome new and old customers come to visit the experience!

Exhibition Name: 2016 (15th) Nanjing Security Exhibition & Intelligent Home Products & Technology Exhibition

Chau Ming booth: Hall 1 A4

Exhibition time: March 20, 2016 March 24

Venue: No. 1, Nanjing International Expo Center (No. 199, Yanshan Road, Jianye District, Nanjing )


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