Conform to the trend of power to build a new industry standard of light engine industry

Date: 2017-05-11
Author: Angeled

 Known as LED lighting of the heart known as drive power, plays a very important role in the promotion of LED and the rapid spread of the process, its development is also changing as the demand for lighting products. At present, cost-effective and intelligent lighting applications terminal is the biggest demand for this enterprise has launched light engine technology and intelligent power products.

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 Conform to the trend of power to build a new industry standard of light engine industry

In the lighting industry, "to power" is no longer a secret. To power is a new way of LED drive , can not simply understand that no need to drive, do not confuse the concept. De-powering only eliminates some of the components in the power supply that constrain life, simplifies power, simplifies circuitry and devices, and achieves higher levels of integration, reducing costs, improving reliability, and extending lifespan. To the power of more convenient lighting or light source design, the popularity of LED lighting products also has a very important role.

"To power" LED structure is simple, stable performance, easy to automate production, low cost, to meet the national grid safety requirements related to the requirements, and more suitable for standardization, more effective cost reduction, which "to power" LED new products Performance, the price is more competitive.

In terms of LED lamps , in particular, built-in power supply of the lamp, the internal device will reach hundreds of degrees Celsius, so that electrolytic capacitors, magnetic materials and enameled wire are subject to life threat. The development of innovative drive mode, is to cancel the transformer, inductors and electrolytic capacitors, and truly enhance the life of the lamp basis.

 Conform to the trend of power to build a new industry standard of light engine industry

This seems to "go to power" the prospects for a good, but the concept put forward for so long, why is it still not popular? The reasons for market feedback are probably attributable to the following four points:

1. R & D investment is large : to the power of the design is the need for time period, from the technical research and development, design to finished products manufactured, and then to mass production, the basic needs of 10-14 months time. And R & D investment personnel and costs, these are difficult for small and medium enterprises to do.

2. Product performance is poor : to the power of linear IC objective existence of low power efficiency, power linear adjustment rate, line voltage fluctuations easy flashing (pressing flash), 100Hz strobe and other four major issues, controversial. If these problems are not resolved, to the power IC can only be used for low-power, low performance requirements of the field, can not be large-scale promotion.

3. Production difficult scale : lamps can be applied to the power of the design, but depends on whether the market can be targeted input, according to the lamp to consider the circuit structure, to the power design for large quantities of lighting products, comprehensive consideration to show advantages.

4. Insufficient market penetration : Most customers are still dependent on the power of products, companies are not willing to seek new, leading to their subjective that they can not meet the needs of quality.

 Conform to the trend of power to build a new industry standard of light engine industry


Shenzhen Anji Li Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. - a subsidiary of Chau Ming Technology Co., Ltd. , as the North American market to focus on power to light engine research and development, manufacturing, application of high-tech enterprises , why can go to the power of this thorny road stand out What? In addition to the LED application products and solutions provided in the leading position of the technology (stock code: 300232) to give full support, as well as their own product strength, the majority of customers recognized, which has the following five points have to mention of:

1. Product certification complete : UL8750 / UL1598 / UL1598C products, customers can according to their own needs, select the corresponding certification, and even without the need to spend time and cost of certification.

2. Suitable for a variety of lamps : the product is suitable for the size of 6 "-16" height higher than 2 "ceiling lamps, wall lamps and other lamps, the basic adaptation of the market more than 75% of the ceiling.

3. Excellent product performance : the overall luminous efficiency up to 100Lm / W; with strategic cooperation IC suppliers, no less than the power supply manufacturers; own patented special optical design, making the product luminous uniform, can be adapted to a variety of modeling lamps ; Dimming performance is good, at 10% is still possible to do light-type uniform; strobe lower in 30% and so on.

4. Automated production line : Angeli ANGSMART® series module has been automated production in 2015, apply for a number of independent patents, production capacity of up to 800K / month, in the premise of quality, to do 7 days delivery.

5. High-quality supply chain : speed up the development cycle, the cost of 15% lower than industry customers .


 Conform to the trend of power to build a new industry standard of light engine industry

The above five points support the Angelica ANGSMART® series G3 module in the 2017 International Lighting Fair (LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL), has become the focus of attention, especially by Chinese manufacturers, foreign lighting design companies and North American replacement engineering company Favored.


In the "to power" of the topic was fired is hot at the same time, companies should precipitate their own, study the market pain points, practical products, to create the core competitiveness in order to obtain customer trust, based on the market.

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