Chau Ming Technology: ingenuity to create, service transformation to explore the small distance LED

Date: 2017-05-23
Author: Angeled

April 12, 2017, the most influential professional audio-visual exhibitions InfoComm China 2017 held in Beijing National Convention Center grand. The exhibition, small distance LED display business both in the scale of exhibitors or exhibits quality have set an unprecedented height. The world's leading supplier of LED applications and solutions provider Ming-technology technology to the high-definition screen + superb solution + creative interactive experience refresh the audio-visual experience. During the period, Mr. Gao Xin, Deputy General Manager of Chau Ming Technology Display Division, received an exclusive interview with the journalist website ( and shared the unique view with the industry.

Chau Ming Technology: ingenuity to create, service transformation to explore the small distance LED

Chau Ming Technology Show Division Deputy General Manager Gao Xin (middle) to accept the exclusive interview with the Times Network

Diversified product line behind: unknown quality stick to it

In the field of small-pitch LED display for many years deep plowing, for the accumulation of enviable Chau Ming's performance and reputation. According to the 2016 customs statistics show that LED display products export areas, Chau Ming has been among the best; and in the global context, the state of small LED products sales also live in the top three positions in the industry. In recent years, Chau is also constantly increasing the layout of overseas markets, it can be said that today's Chau Ming, the influence has crossed the door to the world.

Frozen three feet non-day cold. Not too much capital means of operation, Chau Ming rely on, is the small pitch LED display technology continues to focus and tireless work. Flowing in the blood of the ingenuity of the gene, but also eventually presented in the state of the product and program design. All the user needs as the starting point, in the sink to enhance product reliability at the same time, Chau is also constantly exploring a wide range of product development and program to meet the different needs of market segments.

The exhibition, the state of the standard standard resolution small gap LED screen UHP1.2 simulated police traffic police command center application real scene, showing the intelligent visualization era, large-screen system in solving user problems, optimize business processes and other aspects of efficient application. 4K ultra-clear UHP0.9 small pitch LED equipped with intelligent cloud-on-demand system, set up a large-screen and mobile terminal real-time communication bridge, innovation of the screen application experience. Intelligent small pitch UHQ1.5 and the combination of somatosensory interaction system, to achieve a smart interaction between people and the screen. Through the outdoor URM2 series to create the submarine landscape world, but also for the audience to bring a visual experience.

Chau Ming Technology: ingenuity to create, service transformation to explore the small distance LED

More concern, the new release of the UTW series is to meet the user demand for cost-effective products, but in this product performance design, the principle of the state is not to reduce the performance in exchange for cost compression. In the market, some enterprises, in order to reduce costs, pull high profits, at such products in the use of plastic box, which will bring long-term use of heat deformation, patchwork and flatness deterioration and other hidden dangers, but also because of plastic Heat and need to open a cooling hole to bring dust, humidity, poor heat and other troubles, thereby reducing reliability and service life. Such products may be in exchange for short-term profits, but can not support the brand go long-term.

The program is to retain the die-cast aluminum this feature material, both light and strong, and because the aluminum has a good thermal conductivity, and can be designed for the whole body seal structure, dust performance is more superior. In addition, in this product design, the state also retains some of the brand features, such as dual power supply design, providing better reliability. "To enhance competitiveness, but can not cut corners; the pursuit of cost-effective, but also to maintain product quality" is the best definition of this product. From the cost-effective product line to the high-end product line, this "industry conscience" has always been, it is also the quality of the stick, just achievements of today's Chau Ming. Chau said that the quality of sacrifice some of the profits "This is worth", because for enterprises, the user's trust is the most valuable, but also business can not deviate from the direction.

Micro-spacing era, competition is more strength to support

This year's IFC, P0.9, including Xuzhou, including a number of enterprises, including the show highlights, "micro-spacing" has become a small pitch LED field of a hot word. For this change in the industry, Gao pointed out that in recent years, with the small pitch LED technology continues to progress, the concept of small spacing and definition is constantly changing. For the time being, P1.5, P1.2 products in the product industry is the most stable sales of the main products, including P0.9 products in the early tomorrow in 2015 also has a production capacity. Compared with the previous definition, micro-spacing is more in line with the existing technological development stage.

Chau Ming Technology: ingenuity to create, service transformation to explore the small distance LED

High total example, the recent display of some LED display is not difficult to find a small pitch LED screen manufacturers more and more, especially in the P1.5 product areas, almost no threshold. Therefore, the current focus of competition in the industry, has been crossed from a small distance to the field of micro-pitch competition. As the micro-spacing for the process, technology, research and development have a great challenge, so in this area of the competition, only the strength of enterprises can support.

For the micro-pitch field of high COB technology, high total that COB is not a new technology, objective evaluation is the pros and cons of coexistence. For the choice of technical route, the final decision is the user, the market. At present, Chau will focus on the field of SMD research, to explore the application of micro-pitch display technology landing.

Rooted in China, heavy palm power

Nearly two years, small spacing LED screen market "roll" growth industry for all to see, for this point, in the big screen display industry immersed nearly 20 years of high total depth of experience. Before joining Chau Ming, when the initial contact with small pitch LED, its low brightness level in the gray-scale loss of high total that this technology from the real application there is a long distance. However, a year after the Guangzhou LED show, to show the small gap between the LED business has been successfully overcome the low-ash high-tech technical problems, the display effect of the high "surprise." It is also the opportunity, high total for the small pitch LED awareness has improved, its application prospects are very optimistic, and ultimately choose to join the state.

High total that the choice to join the state, not only for the small pitch LED technology prospects, there is a sense of responsibility to drive. With the big screen display technology along the way, high total witnessed too much because of the lack of core technology, national enterprises to become foreign brands brand "porters" case. And small distance LED technology rooted in China, only Chau Ming himself to master more than 100 patents. It can be said that in the field of small-pitch LED, the national brand without technical blockade, the Chinese enterprise R & D process ahead of the world, even more than some foreign brands leading 1 to 2 years, it can be said that in the field of small pitch LED, national brands can represent the international tip Level, it is worth the pride of every big Chinese people.

Chau Ming Technology: ingenuity to create, service transformation to explore the small distance LED

In addition, it is precisely because there is no technical blockade restrictions, so that small-distance technology in one of the world's largest market - the fertile ground in the Chinese market can quickly achieve the scale and application of landing, which is in recent years, small spacing LED development momentum rapid core reasons. National enterprises have the ability to make small spacing LED bigger and stronger, and with the gradual expansion of market size, product prices will continue to pull low, so that small-distance LED in the cost and price more competitive advantage, and then to more applications to accelerate Infiltration, to achieve a wide range of applications flowering.

To explore sustainable development, business model into inevitable

However, high-speed development has also exposed some problems, high total frankly, the industry chain mature, lower the market access threshold, resulting in countless enterprises to join the industry competition, and even individual enterprises at the expense of the configuration, sacrifice quality Hit the price war, which led to the industry as a whole profit compression. In other words, the current business competition, in addition to foreign brands from the outside, the more is actually from the inside.

In this new situation, how to survive, how to develop, thought-provoking. Gao believes that the transformation of business model is a sustainable development. For small-pitch LED business, that is, towards the system construction, the direction of supporting the solution, which is Chau is doing. The IFC show, the audience is not difficult to find, visualization has become a hot spot, that is, display, processor, software and other related packages packaged into a complete set of visual solutions. Not only can realize the signal display, but also with the user's business system seamless docking, so big screen look better use.

In addition, this is not only the wishfulness of enterprises, but also the user's needs to upgrade, especially in the public security, transportation, energy, aerospace, intelligent city construction and other fields, Internet of things, large data, cloud computing and other deep penetration of technology The user business has brought disruptive changes, which also requires large-screen system can take advantage of the opportunity to make the appropriate upgrade, as the user's business decision-making assistant. In turn, this from the hardware to the program, from product to service business model changes, an increase of small value of LED screen products added value, also corresponding to the formation of a new profit margins, is conducive to the steady development of the industry.

In this regard, Zhou Ming continue to increase investment in the solution sector, adhere to the R & D and program "both hands should be grasped, both hands should be hard." As the exhibitors, the front edge of the small pitch LED display technology and real application solutions for the "fists", revealed from the hardware manufacturers from the hardware to the solution provider, and then to the service provider business to upgrade the determination. Chau Ming's active exploration, will undoubtedly for the development of the whole industry to provide a very valuable reference.

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