Chau Ming Technology and sai Fei together to promote the development of China's LED industry

Date: 2013-11-29
Author: Angeled

Chau Ming Technology and sai Fei together to promote the development of China's LED industry


   Recently, Shenzhen City, Ming Technology Co., Ltd. and Fuyuan Group Investment Company - Guangdong Sai Fei Sapphire Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to jointly promote the development of China's LED industry and work.

   Sai Fei and the cooperation of science and technology, Guangdong is the third part of the LED industry chain, to achieve full coverage of LED upstream and downstream industry chain an important measure. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides, but also conducive to further extension of the industry chain technology, enhance the layout of the LED lighting market, the overall competitiveness. Mr. Xiang Zi-feng, chairman of Guangdong sai Fei, pointed out that "with the strong combination of science and technology, marking the Guangdong sai  Fei in the LED industry in the development of a new level, we will continue to speed up their own construction, LED industry chain, other sectors of the strength of the manufacturers to attract over, through mutual holding or the establishment of strategic partners and other models, to develop the cause of Sapphire. Guangdong sai  Fei and Chau Ming technology cooperation in the two sides seek common development, win-win situation will also Make good use of this opportunity, trying to make Meizhou hit sapphire town, LED town.

   Mr. Lin Mingfeng, chairman of Ching Ming Technology, has repeatedly expressed appreciation for the strategic planning of Fuyuan Group, at the signing site, he said, "I am very impressed by Fuyuan Group dare to do, dare, hard work in the Fuyuan Group's support, Long lead the Guangdong Sai Fei sapphire scale and strength to give me a great shock.Through a number of visits, we made a major determination to work together with the Guangdong sai Fei together to create LED packaging and application of the leading brand, go together The development of Meizhou local market, the Guangdong market, the national market and the global market.

   The signing ceremony was successfully concluded in warm applause. Mr. Chen Haiyan, director of the management committee of Meizhou high-tech industrial park, visited the scene and expressed warm congratulations on the strategic cooperation between Guangdong Sai Fei and Chau Ming Technology. Thank you sincerely for your support And wish the Guangdong Sai Fei and Chau Ming together to grow, with faster pace, to achieve better results for home, society and the motherland to contribute more power.

   Chau Ming Technology since its inception in 2004, has maintained rapid development, determined to become a national brand in the LED display and LED lighting industry gradually made the industry leading position, and in 2011 successfully landed on the GEM, the stock code 300232. At the same time, the state-of-the-art LED industry has become the first batch of state-level high-tech enterprises and the "Eleventh Five-Year" national "863 plan" project cooperation units.

   Fuyuan Group Investment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of sapphire crystal, LED sapphire substrate, LED encapsulation and application products. The company is engaged in the development, production and sales of sapphire crystal, LED sapphire substrate, LED packaging and application products, Has become the domestic high-quality LED product manufacturers. (Text / Chen Guimei Hongxia map / Xiangwen)


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