Chau Ming again winning ten million project

Date: 2013-11-29
Author: Angeled

Chau Ming again winning ten million project


On October 8, 2012, Chau Ming Technology officially received by the Guangzhou Municipal Gardens Engineering Management Center, Guangzhou Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Construction Engineering Trade Center, a common seal to confirm the successful notice Book, to determine the Shenzhen Science and Technology for the town of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, the second phase of the construction of street lighting equipment procurement and related services tend to bid for a unit, the contract for the Huadu District Xinhua Street, Ya Yao Town, Roads and existing road lighting energy-saving transformation, new and replacement of energy-saving lamps were more than 6300, the automatic bid price of 107.4177 million yuan.

   It is reported that the project according to Sui Fa [2011] No. 109 approved by the Guangzhou Municipal Gardens Engineering Management Center for public tender, selected suppliers. The tender has a strict request for the bidder, for example, the bidder in June 1, 2009 to date in China completed the quality of qualified goods similar to the performance of the bidder with ISO quality management system certification, and within the validity period; Bidders can vote at the same time multiple tenders, but the eight tenders can not and in, up to only one tenders. And the technology since 2008, since the construction of the Guangdong Provincial People's Center semiconductor street lamp demonstration project, the Netherlands ZEMEP project, the Swiss airport street lamp project, Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed street lamp renovation project and a number of major projects at home and abroad, The first through the United States UL certification, so through the evaluation committee of the certification and recommendation, the success of the project has become a successful bidder unit.

   The technology of the project is the second generation 30W street lamp and the second generation 60W street lamp, the street lamp can use constant current source or constant voltage source drive program, the efficiency of up to 92%. Chau Ming 30W / 60W street light with high quality light source, the whole light efficiency> 100lm / W, color rendering index> 75. In addition to these basic performance advantages, compared to other products, also has the following characteristics. First, in terms of energy saving, under the same lighting conditions, than the traditional high pressure sodium lamp energy saving 65%. Second, in the light, you can achieve TypeI / TypeII / TypeIII different forms of light, suitable for a variety of roads. Third, the heat, product radiator design is reasonable, good thermal performance, LED light source junction temperature Tc <75. Fourth, the control, the product can achieve time control, light control, remote control and other intelligent control, in order to achieve better energy efficiency. Fifth, maintenance, the product portfolio to form a combination, with a good self-cleaning function, easy maintenance. Sixth, environmental protection, LED light source on the environmental pollution is small, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, materials can be reused, green. 7, life, Chau Ming 30W / 60W street lamp has a long life, long service life of 50,000 hours. Eight, certification, the product has passed UL, CE, CQC certification. Nine, the shell with aluminum and tempered glass, have good strength and hardness. Ten, the appearance of new, beautiful, the atmosphere.

  It is precisely because of the advantages of the product and the company's overall strength advantage, only to win one after another key projects. In the wave of LED development, the technology will continue to use the quality and integrity at the helm, wind and waves, courage!


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