China's LED display exports a record high

Date: 2017-06-13
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Oscar network (AVC) "China LED display export monthly report" data show that in April 2017 China's LED display product export market size of up to $ 141 million, a record monthly high, up 29.5%, growth of 27.2% %. From the increase point of view, in April year on year growth rate of 10 percentage points last month, a direct indication of steady growth in overseas market demand, domestic enterprises to continue to expand the momentum of overseas growth. Thanks to the rapid decline in the cost of LED small screen products, making small-pitch products to accelerate the application of large-screen display penetration, and thus lead the LED market as a whole the rapid growth of the market. In addition, due to LED display in large events (such as sports, sports, etc.) unique advantages in the field of application, but also LED display market continues to grow the core power.

China's LED display exports a record high

From the origin point of view, April LED display export origin is very concentrated, the export share of 90% in southern China, especially in Guangdong, the province accounted for more than 85% of the country. Mainly because Guangdong Province is the core of the domestic LED industry, industrial clusters have outstanding advantages, from the upstream chip, the middle of the package, the downstream application of the whole industry chain support, coupled with convenient coastal export geographical advantages and preferential policies, has been Is the focus of inland LED-related business layout of the core area.

China's LED display exports a record high

From the export business point of view, in April Top10 enterprises accounted for 45% of all exports share, the concentration of export manufacturers is relatively modest, and the vast majority of enterprises in the current period to achieve varying degrees of growth. Among them, the state of science and technology topped the list, the amount of exports this month amounted to 17.63 million US dollars, significantly ahead of other peers counterparts, and Abby and Lianbu photoelectric ranking followed.

China's LED display exports a record high

Unilumin (LED): LED display products are exported to the parent company and its subsidiaries, including the parent company, Year on year and both sides of the chain growth, of which the parent company exports the largest growth, an increase of 34.1%. Export market, mainly for the European market, such as Hungary, Germany, Spain and so on.

Absen: (Absen): this month ranked second, the amount of exports amounted to 12.273 million US dollars, an increase of 50.9%. Overseas markets around the world, including the United States, Britain, Argentina, Japan, Lithuania and other global countries in the region.

LianTronics (LianTronics): April built photoelectric LED display exports 9,023,000 US dollars, growth of 36.3%. "Joint construction photoelectric" + "easy to reach" double brand strategy also open up overseas markets, of which produced in Huizhou, "Lian Jian Optoelectronics" brand products accounted for 63.1%, while Shenzhen's "easy to reach" brand is only 36.9 %, The export origin is mainly concentrated in Huizhou, and showing a trend to move closer to Huizhou.

Infrared light (INFiLED): This month the scale of exports and the chain year to achieve substantial growth, an increase of 258.3%, growth of 219.8%, for the LED display export camp in a strong "dark horse." The first three countries were Belgium, the United States and Germany, of which Belgium accounted for 22.3%, the United States accounted for 20.2%, Germany accounted for 19.7%. In addition, there are the Netherlands, Italy, Austria and other European countries.

Leyard: The company's LED display products are exported to "Riyadh TV" and "Riyadh Optoelectronics" dual channel, which is located in Beijing, "Riyadh TV" for the company's core channel, the highest proportion of April 97.7%, while Shenzhen's "Riyadh Optoelectronics" this month only contributed $ 89,800 export. From the growth rate of comparative analysis, although this month, an increase of 50%, but the chain has a 37.5% decline, the reasons for the preliminary analysis may come from the company's product sales channels brought about by the short-term "structural imbalance." Since the first quarter of this year, Riade large-scale development of distribution model, the formation of direct marketing and distribution of the sales model.

Source: AVC Industry Chain Insight


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