The LED display plays a role in digital signage

Date: 2017-06-12
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June's heat, apart from the ubiquitous hot air, one of the hottest year of this year, than the ubiquitous urban management. With the national environmental protection city, beautiful China has advocated, everywhere the outdoor billboards have been asked to be rectification, a large number of urban management, ordered the stall holders to beautify the transformation. Is not a burst of "war of soldiers and soldiers", what is wrong, stand different. Of course this is not what we have to discuss. We have to discuss is: how can we better resolve the contradictions, so that our shop in a limited area to attract the largest degree of "passers-by" to stimulate shopping desire.

Bar screen, beautify the store signs

Shop a good half, a good retail store without a good sign. Just as a person does not have a good face. In the past, the traditional printed signs, both in aesthetics and in the information bearing are flawed; late access to the LED display brand due to the use of inferior LED lamp beads, and did not let the store number to get much improvement, because of its visual unity , But it is a kind of ugly and not a beautiful.

The LED display plays a role in digital signage

The emerging LCD bar screen, both in the information bearing richness and performance, relative to the traditional printed door and LED display the door has a qualitative improvement, real-time information updates and life also eliminates the need to constantly replace Numbers of the cumbersome, while double-sided screen, splicing screen, quantum dots and other diversified screen for the retail brand of "plastic surgery" has brought a variety of independent choice. And with the technical popularity of the upgrade, both in the charm of the city's point of view, or in terms of cost point of view, are a good choice.

Window screen, the product is a good helper

With the development of digital signage industry, transparent screen technology in many enterprises is still gradually mature, and its species has gradually diversified, there are soft liquid crystal display, LED transparent screen, more with the latest OLED technology OLED transparent Screen. In the display mode, with double-sided display of double-sided screen, fusion somatosensory technology; far to watch, near touchable body sensible transparent screen. To meet the diverse needs of different products for the show. Even without the need for professional commentators can also allow shoppers to self-understanding, self-selection, with the self-service terminal, greatly saving the retail industry, human resources costs.

The LED display plays a role in digital signage

At the same time, transparent window screens transparent, beautiful, lightweight, hidden and many other advantages in one, is a set of decoration, lighting, display, advertising display of new display products. A large number of applications in the glass curtain wall as an important display of outdoor advertising products. And now the market window screen light transmittance up to 30% -70%, whether it is from the front or back to see the same light transmission effect, especially the double-sided display window screen, its both sides can be seen To the video playback display, making in a limited space, play the largest city lighting and advertising spread benefits. Screen body gives a crystal clear feeling. Window display both the practicality of the display, but also a certain degree of beauty and concealment.

For the retail industry, is the best choice for product display.

Self-service terminal, shopping more autonomy

For the retail industry, the biggest cost of spending in addition to the purchase cost of the product, than the procurement staff and the labor costs of the sales staff. Digital signage display device collection data collection and processing analysis, intelligent data analysis, to help shopkeepers more reasonable to develop procurement plans; integrated sales of digital signage display terminal, allowing shoppers to self-shopping; and now for many manufacturers Already very mature smart dressing mirror, but also help customers choose their own products is a good helper.

The LED display plays a role in digital signage

Charm city, you and me. For the retail industry, the best way is to have a limited venue for customers to get the best sense of experience, to stimulate shoppers' desire to shop, so that shoppers have more autonomy to choose the right. LED display used in digital signage, for retail owners, have to say is a full advantage of choice.




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