Low-cost competition, quality problems, arrears of money LED display industry's three mountains

Date: 2017-06-09
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HC LED screen network combined HCR (Huichen information, stock code: 833309) for LED display manufacturers, end users (media companies, outdoor advertisers, system integrators, stage rental business), carried out a special market research, To the most real and effective data, reflecting the forefront of the industry market conditions. Combined with the data analysis of the current LED display industry, the most acute problem of contradictions and causes, to "open the fog", as we show a clear picture of the industry for reference.

HCR formerly known as the HC Research Institute, was established in 1993, is the first batch of domestic market research, data research research institutions. The following is a partial analysis of the data.

First, low-cost competition into the heart disease, product homogeneity is "pushing hands"

According to market survey statistics, in the "you think the LED screen industry is currently experiencing the greatest difficulty is what" (multiple choice) on the issue, 80.65% of people chose the "low price competition", 70.97% that "product market Price confusion "is the biggest problem, and another 54.84% that" product homogeneity "problem is the industry's biggest difficulties.

Low-cost competition, quality problems, arrears of money LED display industry's three mountains

From the above data is not difficult to see, low-cost competition has become a public LED screen enterprise development "stumbling block". However, "frozen three feet non-day cold", LED display industry early expansion of the development, has long been the formation of heavy market, light quality, ignoring the difference in the production of "traditional", resulting in serious product homogeneity, product market advantages To reflect the price.

In recent years, LED screen enterprises continue to expand production capacity to speed up the occupation of the market speed, but the fact that people do not want to ease the market growth rate, resulting in a lot of serious product backlog. At the same time, the product is highly homogeneous, forcing the industry to cut prices to compete for market share, reduce inventory behavior. Most of the other enterprises in order to maintain market share, even if the profit margins greatly reduced, but also had to bite the bullet and join the ranks of price cuts, and ultimately "pull the whole body", the whole industry "price war" suddenly broke out. Not only further reduce the profit margins of enterprises, but also increased its operating pressure.

In addition, the end-user reason why the LED display industry market price confusion, in addition to low prices led to increased price volatility, the user does not understand the structure of the LED display, do not know even the same product, , Manufacturing process, product performance differences, will result in product quality and price difference is also an important reason. This requires the LED display manufacturers need to increase product promotion, emphasizing the product and other similar products of the differences and advantages, so that users can understand the cost of different costs will bring the difference in product quality.

Second, the quality to replace the price, as customers buy the key key

Although the majority of manufacturers in the industry, "price war" can be described as brains, but in fact the LED display buyers to consider the price is the least. Market survey data show that 77.42% of the purchaser worried about the quality of LED display bad problem, 58.06% tired in the brand, the price varies, 51.61% of people are afraid of poor after-sales service, 41.94% trouble too many suppliers , Do not know how to choose. In contrast, the price has become the most "irrelevant", only 16.13% of people worry about spending more "money".

Low-cost competition, quality problems, arrears of money LED display industry's three mountains

Survey data show that the current price sensitivity of users than in the past was a clear downward trend, in turn to the quality, brand and aftermarket as a key consideration elements. In fact, in recent years, LED display fire and other security problems have occurred, and even easy to bring personal safety problems, so that users terrified. Coupled with the high price of LED display, usually professional maintenance, in the event of failure, re-purchase the cost is too large, and thus through the manufacturers or channels for after-sales maintenance, customers become the most economical and convenient choice. So from the buyer's point of view, it is not difficult to understand the quality, brand and after-sale three factors, why become a key point to buy.

However, this result is still slightly more "ridicule" means: When the industry LED display manufacturers in the price side of the "big article", while the profit distress, the customers have already changed the "price decision everything" idea. Does this also mean that LED display manufacturers should focus on products and services beyond the focus on price factors? To the expense of quality at the expense of production activities, a serious impact on product quality, and ultimately "wool in the sheep body", it will only be the user to pay for this. What is more, the profit margins of corporate profits, and thus will affect the sale of a series of basic services, so that customers for help without a door. There is no doubt that when the after-sales service to the customer, its business, brand satisfaction and degree of trust must be greatly reduced, long-term, the brand shape of the disadvantages

Therefore, LED display manufacturers should re-recognize the needs of end users, product quality, after-sales service should be as the focus of attention, and according to different customer levels and needs, to provide users with a quality and cheap products and services The

Third, the payment arrears is "normal", the brand is missing into trouble

In response to "your project construction project encountered problems?" Asked, 83.87% of the LED screen business that encountered "Party A default payment" situation, 31% that "the end application of the product without the brand Concept ", 83.87% of people think that" manufacturers of technical services are not in place. "

Low-cost competition, quality problems, arrears of money LED display industry's three mountains

In recent years, the LED display industry in arrears of the issue caused widespread concern in the industry, the end-user arrears of works by the purchase price, resulting in the project can only default LED screen prices, the formation of "triangular debt" phenomenon. Even at the end of last year, some seemingly good business LED screen enterprises by the "triangular debt" drag, capital operation ill, and ultimately can only collapse.

In fact, for this problem, there have been some LED screen enterprises and the upper reaches of the control card and other enterprises together, the restrictions on the display screen, so that users must pay the payment on time before the seller can get unlock code to use the display The Although this approach is full of positive energy, but the effect is not obvious. On the one hand the people "drilling loopholes" behavior has become a habit, even if manufacturers try to make restrictions on the technical level, the buyer still try to get rid of restrictions, quite "high foot a little high" meaning; the other hand, the buyer The gradual formation of the market, making the dominance of trading activities in the hands of customers, they can easily reject the requirements of manufacturers, instead of buying other brand products, the manufacturers inevitably cause hidden "threat."

In addition, the brand is one of the focus of the problem, the industry generally believe that the end application of the product does not have the brand concept. But in fact, most of the LED screen enterprises in the brand building a serious lack, but also one of the reasons for this phenomenon. For a long time, many companies that LED display circle small, do not need to vigorously promote the brand, only to do word of mouth construction can be. However, with the LED display market continues to expand, in the past did not touch the LED display business also began to consider the use of such products, but because the LED screen business is still relatively conservative brand promotion, LED display brand awareness is generally not high The This not only limits the excellent brand market expansion, but also on the business to buy caused no small troubles, and even further bound the LED display industry to show the market reclamation.

With the LED display industry consolidation and upgrading, industry problems will inevitably be further intensified, LED screen enterprises will also face greater pressure and challenges. By then, can meet the market demand, occupy a certain market share or become the key to the survival of enterprises. From the survey data, the screen enterprises want to get more development, you can not be lost in the price of the fog, and the need for product quality, after-sales service and brand building to do more efforts.


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